Self-Aligned Welding Rotatorsare used for positioning cylindrical workpieces allowing better weight distribution because of their eight wheels; they self-adjust the vessel diameter providing zero downtime lost. The set comprises one power rotator with variable speed and one idler roller. Self-Adjusted Turning Rolls automatize the welding process by applying SAW (Submerged Arc Welding) on longitudinal and circumferential seams with the help of a Welding Manipulator. Self Aligned Welding Rotators, also known as Self Aligning Welding Rotators, Self Adjusted Turning Rolls, Self Alignment Rollers, Self Adjustment Welding Rollers, Self Adjusting Tank Rolls,Rotador Soldadura Auto Ajustable, Virador SoldaduraAuto Ajustable, Virador TanquesAuto Ajustable, Rotador Tanques Auto Ajustableand Rotador TuberiaAuto Ajustable

3D Model SAR (5-100 MT)
3D Model SAR (150-500 MT)