SAW Welding Tractor is a self-propelled Tractor with Electric Flux Recovery System and Magnetic Device. The Tractor applies Submerged Arc Welding, more commonly abbreviated to SAW or Sub Arc Welding. SAW is mostly used on carbon steels, stainless steels and some nickel alloys; it improves productivity and consistently enables high-quality welds. SAW Welding Tractor, also known as Submerged Arc Welding Tractor, SAW Tractor, LT-7 Tractor, LT-7 Submerged Arc Welding Tractor and Lincoln LT-7 Tractor



  • Apply SAW Butt or Fillet welds on API Tank's Floors
  • Apply SAW circumferential Fillet welds on Annular-Plate vs API Tank-Shell Bottom
  • Apply circumferential SAW Butt weld on Tanks or Pressure Vessels while the tank rotates in the opposite direction then Tank Welding Rotators


Package Includes:

1) Tractor

  • Input Power:110V, 50/60 Hz, 1P
  • Power Source: Lincoln PowerPlus 1000HD
  • Tractor variable speed: From 0.20 to 2.20 m/minute
  • Controls: ON/OFF, FWD/REV, & speed potentiometer
  • Cross slide: 100 mm (up/down) x 100 mm (left/right)
  • Vertical head lifting adjustment: 70 mm
  • Head rotation:±90°
  • Head inclination:±45°
  • Wire Reel: For coils 50 or 60 lbs. ID: 12 in. x 5 in. width
  • Guide Rail: 1 m/each x 3 units
  • Control Cable w 14 Pins, male/female with quick connectors: 30 m
  • Contact Tips (one of each): 2.40 mm (3/32″), 3.20 mm (1/8″) and 4.0 mm (5/32″)
  • Required & Not-included: Welding cable 120 mm², 30 m

2) Electrical Flux Recovery System

  • Input Power: 110V, 50/60 Hz, 1p
  • Included: Recovery hose x 1 pc (1 m), Flux pick-up nozzle x 1 pc, Nozzle bracket x 1 pc and Filter bag x 1 pc
  • Flux Hopper: 4 Liters
  • Dimensions: 260 mm x 220 mm x 550 mm
  • Net Weight: 6.2 kg

3) Irizar Magnetic Device

Uphold vertical SAW Welding Tractor while one wheel is floating, and it runs fastened by magnets to the Tank-Shell, either inside or outside the tank.

  • Minimum OD Tank: 9 m
  • Outside annular-plate: Min 50.8 mm (2'')
  • Device can rollover a vertical tank welding seams with a max. crown of 3 mm (1/8'')
  • Packing (m): 0.60 (L) x 0.40 (W) x 0.28 (H) @ 17 kg