Welding Manipulator is used for automated SAW / MIG / FACAW / TIG welding on pipe, tank and pressure vessels combined with Tank Turning Rolls, Welding Positioners or Head & Tailstock Positioners. Irizar manipulators mainly comprise a column, boom and motorized trolley (travelling car). We supply the manipulator itself or equipped with a power source, welding head, welding controller, flux recovery system, motorized cross slide & seam tracker. Welding Manipulators are also known as Welding Booms, Welding Columns or Welding Column and Booms (C&B)


Models: WM 3030, WM 4040, WM 5050, WM 6060 & WM 8060

3D Model: WM 3030 - WM 6060 for Min ID 25 in.
3D Model: WM 3030 - WM 6060