Tank Floor Replacement also known as Tank Bottom Plate Replacement, Tank Annular Plate Replacement, Tank Foundation Remove, Tank Foundation Restoration and Tank Repair & Maintenance.   


Standard Package:

  1. Jack type: Single action
    Lock-nut: Included
    Stroke: 150 mm
    Jacks’ maximum working capacity: 40 MT

  2. 7.50 HP Power Pack, Max 70 jacks
    Tank capacity: 200 liters
    Pump flow: 5 to 10 LPM
    Working pressure: 9,000 PSI
    Weight: 700 kilos
    Input Power: 380/480 V, 50/60 Hz, 3 P
    Hydraulic Hoses with male fittings on both ends
    Quick couplers: Included
    Warranty: One year
    Operation Manual & Electric Diagram: Included

  3. L-Shape Lifting Bracket  & Footing Steel Plate: Not included. After purchase, Irizar will provide a P.Eng Stamped Drawing.


Optional: Power Pack Oil Heater. Required for working below sub-zero C°


Project Scope: Tank Floor and Annular Plate Replacement

Use Lifting Jacks Model 40 MT-150, single action with lock-nut.

Installed from outside. Max stroke 150 mm


  1. 1. Install L-shape brackets and tank lifting jacks Model 40 MT-150 outside the tank perimeter.
    2. Install L-shape brackets and tank lifting jacks Model 40 MT-150 on supporting roof column(s), if any.
    3. Cut weld between annular plate and bottom shell ring.
    4. Lift the tank 150 mm.
    5. Cut access entrance on bottom shell. Approx. 6.0 m x 6.0 m.
    6. Remove tank floor and annular plate.
    7. Retrofit tank foundation, if needed.
    8. Replacement of tank floor and annual plate.
    9. Lower the tank.
    10. Remove tank lifting jacks & L-shape brackets.


Project Scope: Increase the tank volume capacity by adding an extra shell ring(s) or replace the bottom shell if needed.

Use tank lifting jacks Model 12 MT-3000

Install from the tank inside. Max stroke 3000 mm.


Delivery Time: 


Within Canada: Three to five business days
USA & US-Mexican border: One week
Latino America: Four weeks
World-Wide: Five to six weeks



It is available in our Wetaskiwin Alberta Training Facility in a real-life environment or as an online course; both come with 24/7 WhatsApp Tech Support for one year. The course is designed to be completed within one day and can accommodate a maximum of three operators. Completion of this course is required to receive a warranty.



  1. Jacks are designed with a Safety Lock Nut for mechanical load holding. 
  2. The jacks are installed outside of the tank without expensive foundation work.
  3. Reparation work can be performed without obstructions inside the tank.



  1. Before setting up the jacks, a Professional Geotechnical Engineer must evaluate the Footing Subgrade. The Footing Subgrade must comply with a minimum Assessed Geotechnical Parameter provided by us; consider local or federal foundation regulations.
  2. Irizar Heavy Industries Inc. is not liable for accidents caused by inappropriate foundations that may lead to property damage, bodily injuries, or deaths.
  3. For stability reasons, the maximum arc distance between two consecutive jacks must never exceed 5.50 m. 
  4. Maximum jacks' working capacity must never exceed 40 MT. The user must consider the tank lifting weight and snow load at the site. 



a) Quick couplers: prevent oil leaks while testing, assembling, or des-assembling the jacking system; b) Safety release valve on Power Pack included; c) Jacks can perform at extreme temperatures: from -40°C in the Canadian Arctic or the Russian Siberia; up to +60°C in Saudi Arabia or the Middle East. For the safety of your employees, always follow the rules and standards of OSHA Act of 1970