Welding Seam Tracker also known as Welding Seam Tracking and Weld Tracking


The Seam Tracker is used for automatic positioning (moving) the welding head up/down and left /right on a welding manipulator. It has a 100 kilos load capacity @ 12” G.C. with a stroke of X & Y axis of 200 mm each and accuracy of ±0.25 mm. Used on applications for Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) & Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), improving quality and consistency while reducing operational costs.

 Description  Seam Tracker Model 100
 Max Loaded Capacity  100 kg @ 12” G.C.
 Weight  70 kg
 Slide Stroke  X & Y axis. 200 mm each
Slide Speed 170 mm/min
Accuracy ±0.25 mm
Welding Method Submerge Tandem
Motors Style DC Precision Motors
Electrical Power AC220V, 1P, 50/60hz, 2A

Following items are included: Left/Right Cross Slide, Up/Down Cross Slide, Main Controller, Probe Bracket, Probe and Welding Shield. Note: Brackets for mounting the Irizar Seam Tracker Model 100 are not included. 

Video: Seam Tracker