Anti-Drift Turning Rolls prevent or minimize the screw effect [longitudinal displacement] during the rotation of the workpiece. It has an axial vessel accuracy of ± 3.0 mm through a PLC and a Sensor Automatic Anti-Drift Controller.



Power Rotator Max Rotation Capacity: 1600 MT
Power Rotator Max Load Capacity: 800 MT
Idler Rotator Max Load Capacity: 800 MT



Vessel Diameter Range: From 2,000 up to 9,000 mm
Rotation Variable Speed: From 100 up to 1,000 mm/minute
Lifting Speed: 40 mm/minute
Lifting Stroke: ± 40 mm
Anti-Drift Precision: ± 2.0 mm
Power: 20.0 kw @ 2
PLC & Sensor Automatic Anti-Drift Controlled
Remote Control Box: Forward/Stop/Reverse/Wireless variable speed adjustment with display in mm/min
Wheel Diameter: 1200 mm
Wheel Width: 600 mm
Estimated Weight: 75.00 MT
Warranty: One year
Operation Manual & Electric Diagram: Included



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