Automatic Girth Welder (AGW) is a self-propelled frame with variable speed that applies efficient circumferential Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) on Field Erected Tanks (Vertical Tanks). SAW is mostly used on carbon steels, stainless steels and some nickel alloys; it improves productivity and consistently enables high-quality welds. The AGW reduces the manual welding process up to 25 times. The AGW comes with Power Source, Welding Head, Welding Controller, Flux Belt and Flux Recovery System. Girth Welder, also know as 3 O'Clock Welder, Automatic Girth Welder, AGW Welding, Automatic Tank Welder and Soldadura Arco Sumergido




  • Irizar AGW-Fixture: Designed and Engineered in Canada
  • Welding Equipment: Lincoln Electric Company; made in the USA 
  • Assemble and Tested in Canada 
  • Control Box: Forward/Stop/Reverse & Digital display with variable speed
  • Flux recovery: On/Off
  • Emergency Stop
  • Motors and Control Box with IP 54 protection against dust and heavy rain 
  • Frequency drive made by TECO Westinghouse or Delta


  • AGW-1: It is compatible with Traditional Tank Construction Method driving hanged on the upper edge of the tank. It is also compatible with Tank Jacking Methoed driving at ground level on a rail outside and around the tank. Conversion time takes about two hours.
  • For LNG Double Wall Tank built with Traditional Methoed use LNG AGW-1. This unit fits on 1.0 m space between inner & outer tanks.
  • For LNG built with Jacks select the AGW-1-C. This unit apply welding inside and outside the tank; fits on 850 mm space driving on a flat bar of 1/2 inch thickness x 4 inch width hanged on bracket support.