Motorized Shell Buggy provides quick access to vertical and horizontal welding seams on Field Erected Vertical Tanks without scaffolding. It helps install upright FCAW oscillator welding tractors made by Irizar, Gullco Kat, Bug-O and ESAB. It also provides quick access for installing and removing tank fittings tools, welding inspection and repairs. Compatible with Traditional and Tank Jacking Methods.

Shell Buggy, also known as Platform Shell Buggy or Shell Work Platform Buggy.

Application 3D Models: Traditional Method & Jacking Method


Trolley motorized speed: 200 up to 2,900 mm/minute.
Trolley manual: Quick move with clutch lever
Plate height: 1.5 to 3.0 m
Tank diameter: Minimum 5.0 m
Plate thickness: 8 to 50 mm
Weight (fixture itself): 380 kilos
Dimensions: 1.55 m (L) x 1.20 m (W) x 2.65 m (H)
Input Power: 120/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 P
Power: 0.19 kw
Warranty: One year
Operation Manual and Electric Diagram: Included

Motorized Basket


Delivery Time:  


Within Canada: Three to five business days
USA & US-Mexican border: One week
Latino America: Four weeks
World-Wide: Five to six weeks