Fit-Up Rollers are utilized during the assembly process of shells for Wind Towers or Large Pressure Vessels, Tanks, and Pipes. These rollers assist in aligning the shells and tack-welding them up to a 30-meter section. Once the section is complete, transfer cars move it parallel to a welding station. If necessary, two sections can be assembled and welded using a larger set of Fit-Up Rollers. Alternatively, they can be assembled using flanges and bolts at the job site. Please click on the link to see the Fit-Up Rollers Working Flow.  Click to go to Fit Up Rollers Working Flow.

Fit-Up Rolls also known as Tank Fit-Up Rollers, Fit-Up Rotators, Fit Up Turning Rolls, Fit-Up Turning Rolls, Fit-Up Bed Rollers, Tank Fit Up Line, Vessel Fit-Up Rollers, Welding Fit Up System and Tank Growing Line.


Application: Wind Tower Construction

  • Tower weight: From 40 up to 1,200 MT
  • Diameter range: From 1.5 to 8 m
  • Fit-up section lengths: Up to 30 m

Composed by: 

  • One Power Rotator
  • One Idler Rotator
  • Two Fit-Up Rotators


 Models  Capacity 
FUR 40 40
FUR 80 80
FUR 150 150
FUR 250 250
FUR 350 350
FUR 500 500
FUR 800 800
FUR 1200 1200
FUR 1600 1600
FUR 2000 2000


Delivery Time: 

Fit Up Model FUR 40: 


Within Canada: Three to five business days
USA & US-Mexican border: One week
Latino America: Four weeks
World-Wide: Five to six weeks


Other Models: