Power Roll Rotation Capacity: 350 MT
Power Roll Load Capacity: 175 MT
Idler Roll Load Capacity: 175 MT
Fit-Up-Roll load Capacity: 175 MT x 2 units
Tower/Vessel Diameter Range: 1.5 to 8.0 m
Tower/Vessel Length: Up to 30 m

Power Roll
Rotation Speed: 100-1000 mm/min
Translation Speed: 1000-6000 mm/min

Idler Roll
Mounted on Idler Bogie: Included

Fit-Up Roll
Mounted on Idler Bogies: Included
Hydraulic Pressure: 21 MPa (3,045 PSI)
Cylinder stroke: ± 100 mm (wireless controlled)
Hydraulic Fixture (up/down & left/right): Included

Power Rotation: 7.5 kW @ 2
Power Translation: 5.5 kW @ 2
Wireless Control Box: Forward/Stop/Reverse/Variable speed adjust with display in mm/min
Wheel Diameter, covered with PU: 650 mm
Wheel Width on P & I Rolls: 650 mm
Wheel Width on Fit Up Rolls: 650 mm
Bogies Bolted to the Frame: Yes
Rail G-G: 2500 mm
Estimated Weight/set: 43.0 MT
Warranty: One year
Operation Manual, Electric & Hydraulic Diagram: Included