Apply circumferential SAW seams INSIDE and OUTSIDE the tank. Compatible with Traditional Construction Method (Down to Top) and Tank Jacking Construction Method (Top to Down). This unit drives on a 3/8” x 4” flat bar hanged on brackets

Application 3D Models: Traditional Method & Jacking Method & LNG Tanks
Trolley motorized speed: 200 up to 2,900 mm/minute.
Trolley manual: Quick move with clutch lever
Plate height: Minimum 0.80 m (only in the first/top shell
Tank diameter: Minimum 2.5 m
Plate thickness: 4.76 to 50 mm
Weight (fixture itself): 208 kilos
Dimensions AGW-1-C: 1.10 m (L) x 0.62 m (W) x 1.73 m (H)
Storage box for AGW-1-C: Included
Input Power: 120/240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1 P
Power AGW-1-C: 0.19 kw
Warranty: One year
Operation Manual and Electric Diagram: Included
Not Included: Welding Cables and Power source storage box