Head & Tailstock Positioner rotates long rectangular steel structures supported from both ends. Headstock Positioner is fixed to the floor and has 360° variable powered rotation speed and adjustable center rotation height (up/down). Tailstock has idler rotation and adjustable height-powered center rotation. The unit is mounted over idler bogies to adjust the workpiece length. The set allows the welder to have ergonomic accessibility to the workpiece welds. Headstock and Tailstock Welding Positioner, also known as Headstock Positioner, Tailstock Positioner 


 Models  Capacity 
HT 3 3
HT 5 5
HT 10 10
HT 15 15
HT 20 20
HT 30  30 
HT 40  40
HT 50 50
HT 75 75
HT 100 100