Welding Manipulator

Welding Manipulators are also known as Welding Booms, Welding Columns or Welding Column and Booms (C&B). It is a specialized piece of equipment used in the welding and fabrication industry to assist in the positioning and manipulation of welding tools automating and optimizing the welding process, particularly for large and complex structures. Here are key features and aspects associated with welding manipulators:

Column: A Welding Manipulator typically consists of a vertical column that is mounted on a stable motorized traveling car (bogie). The column provides vertical (up/down) movement which enables the welding tool to cover the height of the workpiece. The column supports for horizontal boom and welding equipment.

Boom (Arm): Attached to the vertical column, the horizontal arm of the welding manipulator extends outward. The arm can move horizontally (in/out) with variable speed along the length of the workpiece, providing flexibility and reach.

Welding Equipment Mount: The end of the boom features a mount for attaching welding equipment, such as welding head and controller, torches, or other welding tools. This allows the welding manipulator to perform various welding processes.

Motorized Movement: Welding Manipulators are often motorized, allowing precise and controlled movement along both the vertical and horizontal axes. Motorization enhances efficiency and accuracy in positioning the welding tool.

Control Panel: A control panel is typically integrated into the welding manipulator, providing operators with the ability to control the movement of the manipulator and adjust speed.

Applications: Welding Manipulators are used in a variety of industries, including shipbuilding, construction, pipeline fabrication, and heavy manufacturing. They are particularly beneficial for welding large and long structures, where manual welding would be impractical or inefficient.

Irizar Heavy Industries manufactures columns up to 8.0 m with booms up to 10 m.