Conventional Welding Rotators

Welding Rotators are also known as Tank Rollers, Welding Rollers, Tank Rotators, Weld Rotators, Pipe Rotators, Welding Rolls, Welding Rotators, Vessel Rollers, Tank Rolls, Welding Tank Turning Rolls, Turning Rolls, Rotador de Soldadura, Virador de Soldadura, Virador de Tanques, Rotador de Tanques and Rotador de Tuberia

Welding Rotators are specialized pieces of equipment used in the welding and fabrication industry. They are designed to support and rotate cylindrical workpieces, such as tanks, pipes, or vessels, during welding, assembly, or maintenance processes. Its primary purpose is to provide a controlled and efficient way to manipulate large and heavy cylindrical objects, allowing for precise welding or fabrication work. Key features and components of Tank Turning Rolls include:

Wheels: Tank Turning Rolls typically consist of two set of rollers wheels (power rotator & idler) arranged in a bed configuration. The workpiece is placed on these rollers, and they facilitate smooth rotation with variable speed.

Adjustable Configuration: The distance between the rollers can be adjusted by bolts and nuts to accommodate different diameters of cylindrical workpieces. This adjustability ensures a secure and stable support for various sizes of tanks or pipes.

Rotation Control: Tank Turning Rolls come with a mechanism to control the rotation speed of the workpiece. This is essential for achieving uniform and high-quality welds. The rotation speed can be adjusted based on the specific requirements of the welding process.

Drive System: These systems are equipped with a drive mechanism that powers the rotation of the rollers. The drive system is motorized, allowing for both forward and reverse rotations.

Control Panel: Tank Turning Rolls remote control box allows operators to set and monitor the rotation speed.

Heavy-Duty Construction: Due to the nature of their applications, Tank Turning Rolls are built to withstand the weight and stress of large cylindrical workpieces.

The use of Tank Turning Rolls provides several advantages, including increased efficiency, improved weld quality, and a safer working environment for welders. These devices are commonly employed in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemical, shipbuilding, and construction, where the fabrication of large cylindrical tanks is a common practice.

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