Self-Aligning Turning Rolls

Self-Aligning Turning Rolls are also known as Self Aligned Welding Rotators, Self Aligning Welding Rotators, Self Aligning Turning Rolls, Self Adjusted Turning Rolls, Self Alignment Rollers, Self Adjustment Welding Rollers, Self Adjusting Tank Rolls, Rotador Soldadura Auto Ajustable, Virador Soldadura Auto Ajustable, Virador de Tanques Auto Ajustable, Rotador Tanques Auto Ajustable, Rotador Tuberia Auto Adjustable.

Self-Aligning Turning Rolls are designed to automatically adjust and align themselves with the cylindrical workpiece, such as tanks, vessels, or pipes, during rotation. The self-aligning feature is particularly useful for handling workpieces with varying diameters. Here are key features and aspects associated with self-aligning turning rolls:

Mechanism: The Self-Aligning feature allows the turning rolls to automatically adjust to the diameter of the cylindrical workpiece within their diameter range. This ensures proper centering and alignment, even when dealing with workpieces of different sizes.

Roller Configuration: Self-Aligning Turning Rolls typically consist of two set of rollers wheels (power rotator & idler) arranged in bed configuration. The rollers provide support to the workpiece and enable controlled rotation.

Adjustable Design: The distance between the rollers is self-adjustable to accommodate different diameters of workpieces within the rollers range. By incorporating self-aligning mechanisms, these turning rolls enhance efficiency by eliminating the need for manual adjustments when working with cylindrical workpieces of different sizes. This feature contributes to increased productivity improved welding quality.

Rotation Control: Self-Aligning Turning Rolls are equipped with a rotation control system that allows operators to set and control the rotation speed of the workpiece.

Drive System: The drive mechanism ensures controlled and continuous rotation during welding or fabrication.

Control Panel: A control panel is integrated into self-aligning turning rolls, providing operators with the ability to adjust and monitor the rotation speed.

Heavy-Duty Construction: Due to the nature of their applications, Self-Aligning Turning Rolls are built to withstand the weight and stress of large cylindrical workpieces.

Applications: Self-Aligning Turning Rolls find applications in various industries, including construction, shipbuilding, oil and gas, and pipeline fabrication.

Irizar Heavy Industries manufactures models from 5 MT to 500 MT.