Flux Recovery System

Flux Recovery System also known as Flux Recovery, Flux Vacuum, Flux Recycling System, Submerged Arc Flux Recovery and SAW Flux Recovery. It is a specialized piece of equipment designed to efficiently collect and recycle welding flux during certain welding processes. The primary purpose of a flux recovery system is to recover and reuse welding flux, which is commonly used in processes like submerged arc welding (SAW). Here are key features and aspects associated with flux recovery systems:

Collection Mechanism: Flux Recovery Systems are equipped with a mechanism to collect the used flux or slag generated during welding. This can include vacuum systems, conveyor systems, or other mechanisms to gather and transport the flux to a recovery unit.

Recovery Unit: The collected flux is then processed in a recovery unit. This unit typically involves a separation process to remove impurities, such as weld spatter and debris, from the reusable flux. The cleaned flux is then returned to the welding process.

Transportation System: Flux Recovery Systems may have a transportation system to move the collected flux from the welding area to the recovery unit.

Flux Hopper (storage container): Temporarily hold the collected flux before it is processed and returned to the welding operation.

Filtering: In the recovery unit, the flux may undergo filtering to separate impurities, ensuring that only clean and reusable flux is returned to the welding process.

Reduction of Waste: The use of flux recovery systems contributes to the reduction of waste in welding processes. By recycling and reusing flux, manufacturers can save on material costs and minimize environmental impact.

Improved Welding Efficiency: Flux Recovery Systems help maintain a consistent and controlled supply of flux during welding operations. This contributes to improved efficiency, weld quality, and overall productivity.

Cost Savings: By reusing flux, companies can achieve cost savings by reducing the need to purchase new flux for each welding project. This can be particularly significant in high-volume welding operations.

Flux Recovery Systems are especially common in industries that rely on submerged arc welding where a substantial amount of flux is used. The implementation of a flux recovery system can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable welding process.

Irizar Heavy Industries manufactures Flux Recovery Systems for 50 and 100 kilos of flux capacity.